January 6, 7 and 8
Second International Congress in Education for Sustainable Development
Submission of papers extended until November 15th, 2020

"Challenging the human-nature relationship: towards new educational paradigms"

The theme "Challenging the human-nature relationship: towards new educational paradigms" is part of the current discussions on the need to promote and implement a transformation in the foundations and practices of education for sustainability. The international urgency declared in the educational agendas of organizations such as UNESCO and the OECD, together with the socio-environmental and health crises, call us to critically examine the ways in which research and teaching is conducted. At the same time, these challenges call us to propose actions to re-think and re-orient the link between educational institutions and their environment - their social, cultural, ecological and political surroundings - in pursuit of a more sustainable education.

Thematic lines



Thematic line #1

Epistemological and ethical foundations in education for sustainable development

Thematic line #2

Public policy to address global and local challenges

Thematic line #3

Place-based education: educational approaches and practices for sustainable development

Thematic line #4

Intergenerational Dilemmas: Theoretical Foundations and Strategies for Dealing with Complex Future Scenarios

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The first congress on Education for Sustainable Development

It was held on 16 and 17 December 2019. In this version, the participation of the three international guests stood out: Charlotte Høeg Andersende from Denmark, Carie Green from the United States and Marco Arruda from Brazil. Thirty-three exhibitors took part, among them experiences and researches. This generated interest and was attended by nearly 200 people.


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