Public policy to address global and local challenges

What institutionalized spaces exist for the development of transformative educational practices? What modifications are necessary in educational policy and institutions to advance in the area of sustainability? What should be the role of the public sector in education for sustainability?, To what extent is it possible to break the inertia of public policies that feedback the modern status-quo present in education? What experiences of integration of different knowledge, disciplines and traditions has public policy in education incorporated? The permeability and dialogue between research, public policy, and practice in education is a key aspect for addressing these kinds of questions. It is also important to advance towards the generation of institutionalized spaces of educational governance, which facilitate the raising of solutions from the base, with proposals that address local challenges, but that at the same time are a contribution to face the current global challenges. This requires transdisciplinary views and multiscale dialogues, which not only incorporate approaches from various disciplines in academia, but also other types of knowledge, know-how, traditions and local manifestations that give coherence and relevance to initiatives of citizen governance, future policies, programs and government actions in education and sustainability.